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   Image Store

Welcome to the UGBox Image Store!

The UGBox Image Store is a free image storage service for members of the Overclockers Australia forums.

It is only available to the OCAU and UGBox forums. Please don't try to link Image Store images from other forums or sites.

Comprehensive, step by step documentation on how to use the Image Store is located here. Please read it before you ask questions in the UGBox forums.


  • Images must be less than 500kb
  • Images must be in one of the following formats:
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • GIF
    • BMP
    • TIFF
    • Note that all formats other than JPEG will be converted to PNG as part of the upload process
  • NOTE: When uploading photos, ensure to change Output Quality to 'Hi-res Photo' to avoid JPEG compression and artifacting of your images.
  • E-Mail Address is optional - it will be saved in a cookie on your PC if you select the 'Remember E-Mail' box.
  • UGBox does NOT store e-mail addresses entered on this form
  • UGBox does store your current username when you upload images. This lets you use the My Images page!
  • You only need to select an image and select 'Send Image' to upload. Use of all further options is up to you!

Important Message! Unfortunately, due to hosting problems, we have had to temporarily disable image uploads. We are working to get the service restored as soon as possible. There may also be issues with image views.